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fofalex's Journal

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27 August
Hi. I'm Alex. I'm from Lancaster, PA. I live in New Orleans, in the 9th ward, in the part that wasn't completely destroyed. I used to do Renfaire circuit, now I'm an engineer.

I'd still rather live in NOLA than a lot of other places. I like biking to the French Quarter. I like hearing world renowned jazz musicians playing live from my backyard. I like walking to awesome eateries and art galleries. I like city life and it's *ahem* character(s).

I bought a house to rebuild. It was built in the 1880's, before you could get water piped to your house, before the sewage system, before they drained the swamp for buildable land. It didn't flood, but was being destroyed at the hands of the owner, who bit off way more than they could chew. Then the roof blew away. I can't wait to move in.

I drive too fast, smoke too much, don't give a fuck half of the time and I get too wound up over everything the other half of the time. I gots the OCD. Fuck a day without coffee. Please keep me away from fakeness, children, television and religion. I really like photography, dogs, and pie.

\ NO /
  \ /    what didn't float away
9 X W     or blow down
  / \      or go up in flames
/ LA \

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